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Coconut wraps raise cholesterol, consumers have alternatives

A new fad trend, the coconut wrap, is gaining momentum in Asian markets, mostly among Asian women.

There are so many different varieties of coconut wrap available; you can’t choose just one. They are more popular in malls in a way that you can’t miss them – nearly all hypermarkets and supermarkets has stock.

Alternative vegan & plant based options

Unlike almond milk and oat milk options which took years to gain traction as a non-dairy alternative, Coconut wrap is not deemed as an exotic food or just part of the keto diet. Rather, it is becoming a staple product in Asian markets.

Traditional (or commonly seen) wheat based tortilla wraps have a thick, crumbly interior. Replacing wheat with coconut, maintains the chewy dough texture but adds a fragrant tropical tang to the entire burrito itself.

The replacement with plant-based coconut is seen as “green” and exudes a healthy image. It has also made a lot of people happy, since F&B brands love to attract the younger crowd.

Further, you can eat the entire wrapper without wasting any food.

The cholesterol spike from the core ingredient – coconut

Coconut is a high-fat natural plant product that has a wide scope of medical benefits. Battling cancer through prevention agents, advancing glucose guideline, and decreasing certain danger factors for coronary illness are touted.

In coconut, the oils raise HDL (good) cholesterol and reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol. Improvements in these markers may decrease your heart disease risk.

Cholesterol spikes are a result of excessive or increased intake of coconut based products and coconut food wraps contribute to this as well.

Should I take coconut wraps?

In moderation, as experts suggest.

Too much of a good thing can hurt you. Almond, oat and coconut milks were first to hit the markets. Subliminal advertising by Instagram and TikTok influencers over their supposed health benefits made their young and impressionable followers rush to stores. We can’t say that these nuts and tropical fruits help in weight loss but it can be easily ascertained that overeating ruins a balanced diet.

Having nutrients from different food groups – like your carbs and proteins helps your physical fitness and health. A no-carb diet or keto regime severely limits your ability to function. At the end of the day coconut wraps add a fresh variety to your meals and increases appetite. Why not? Try it out but don’t make it a ritual. And surely don’t obsess over it.

This post was last modified on January 6, 2021 3:25 pm