List of Ambulance Numbers (Asia)

In Asia, the number to call emergency services is inconsistent. There is no one universal ambulance number in Asian cities.

Summary of Ambulance Phone Numbers

CountryPopular CitiesAmbulance Number
ChinaShanghai, Beijing120
IndiaDelhi, Mumbai119
JapanTokyo, Kyoto119
MalaysiaKuala Lumpur999
PhilippinesManila, Quezon911
Ambulance phone numbers for asian cities

In Asia, the number to call emergency services is inconsistent. There is no one universal ambulance number in Asian cities. The phone number varies by country.

Steps to call an ambulance can be found here.

If you are calling the ambulance for someone else, follow these steps instead.

Summary of all the relevant ambulance phone numbers in major asian countries

Ambulance in China

The ambulance number in China is 120. Mandarin is the official national language. Speaking Chinese, phone operators will collect details from you.

Trouble speaking Chinese in China?

If you do not speak Chinese, your call may be delayed while waiting to be connect to a multilingual staff. Therefore in China, it is important to pick up a second language to be able to communicate with emergency ambulatory services.

Getting prepared for an emergency in China

Alternatively to activate an ambulance, consider printing out your medical conditions in English and Mandarin Chinese. Keep the printed card with you. In emergencies, the state of health can readily be communicated to ambulance workers.

Ambulance in India

The ambulance number in India is 119. Indian cities are either very densely populated or located in extremely rural areas. Access to emergency services are thus more difficult due to high demand and far distances.

Extended ambulance waiting time in India

The average ambulance response time after calling 119 is greater than most asian countries. The wait until the first responder arrives takes at least 25 minutes in most cases in India. In rare situations, the ambulance takes up to 2 hours.

Cellphone service is spotty in India. Mobile coverage is an additional factor to consider. As without cell signal, access to emergency services is next to impossible in rural areas.

Ambulance in Japan

The ambulance number in Japan is 119. Known for efficiency, paramedics in Japan perform well in urgent situations.

Professional Ambulance Crew in Japan

Ambulance crew are mostly quick and well trained. But, having quality people does not negate the fact that streets in residential housing areas are narrow and tight. Thus, ambulances cannot drive fast in populated areas.

Navigational Difficulties After Receiving Distress Call

Traffic jams are also common. Unlike other asian cities, drivers in Japan are courteous. Going out of their way to clear a path, drivers can even go to the extent of ramping up onto the curbside and pedestrian walkway in order to make way for an oncoming ambulance.

Language Barrier Over The Phone

Japanese is the national language. Despite the linguistic hurdle, ambulance phone operators are highly educated. Most operators speak not only Japanese and English, emergency services are expected to be fluent in other asian (and non-asian) languages. Thai, Chinese, French and Dutch, for example. The reason being that Japan is having an influx of immigrants and professional expatriates in the past 5 years (2015-2020).

Tourism is another immense drive for ambulance operators to keep mobile with the changing cultural landscape in Japan. During the call, you should experience little difficulty in communication.

Ambulance in Malaysia

The ambulance number in Malaysia is 999. With an excess of ambulance companies, Malaysia is known to have the most number of emergency vehicles in Asia.

Quality of Medical Services in Malaysia

Despite the sheer volume, many ambulances are simply sparsely equipped with the most basic medical equipment. In complicated emergencies which require artificial ventilation (machine breathing) and immediate para-surgical intervention, patient’s safety can become compromised.

The average education level across all occupations (including medical fields) is low in Malaysia. Certified medics with proper and sufficient experience are also hard to come by.

Other Options in Calling for Ambulance Services in Malaysia

Foreigners tend to call ambulance services from Singapore (neighbouring country) instead. Patients are usually covered under insurance and are transported cross-border for medical attention.

Ambulance in Pakistan

The ambulance number in Pakistan is 119. Pakistan is a welfare state and the breadth of benefits is immense. Most ambulance operators are charitable organisations or non-profit.

Quality of Medical Services in Pakistan

Making little to any financial gain, getting upgraded medical equipment in their ambulances is not easy. Most items, while functional, can be outdated and require consistent maintenance due to old age and wear.

Pre-hospital care in Pakistan is sub-par basic. A phone call to emergency services traditionally gets you a driver and an untrained healthcare attendant. Doctors are rarely activated via mobile.

Most locals treat an ambulance like a taxi as most patients ride in the cabin without any medical intervention. In some situations, hospital staff have been known to ask patients to grab a cab instead of dealing an ambulance if emergencies happen again.

Ambulance in Philippines

The ambulance number in Philippines is 911. A country made up of over 7000 islands, do not expect an ambulance to reach you in minutes.

Challenges of Distance

Separated by sea, nearly all small islands do not have medical facilities. Hospitals are located in major cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao. In such cases, medical evacuation by air ambulance is necessary. Such calls for a helicopter ambulance can cost up to USD $5000.

Quality of Medical Services in The Philippines

In major cities, quality of ambulance services is acceptable.

Like many other cities in this article, traffic is also bad, equipment is basic and educated crew may not be onboard the ambulance ride.

Saving grace for The Philippines is the very helpful public & general population. In the land of smiles, strangers are your saviours.

Timely first aid bring vastly positive outcomes and the locals here always help each other. Including foreigners.

Read more about Ambulance in The Philippines in this detailed article.

Ambulance in Singapore

The ambulance number in Singapore is 995. In the most expensive asian city, the best healthcare is provided to those who can afford it.

Disparity in Hospitals

Less established and newer ones are located on the outskirts of the city-centre. They are poorly rated on Google Maps and 995 ambulances do not allow you to choose your hospital destination.

Choosing Hospitals in Singapore

As public services have the best intentions to help, patients who call 995 only get sent to any nearby hospital without given a choice. Government ambulances are known to send patients to the nearest hospital.

Only upon reaching the hospital admission area, does the patient realise where they are. However, patients who contact private ambulance services are able to select their destination hospital.

Private Ambulances in Singapore

Private ambulances in Singapore is a popular option among locals and foreign guests alike. Known for great service, quality and most importantly the luxury of choice. Medical records tend to be in one place. Follow up appointments and pharmacy services are convenient and familiar to the patient.

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