What The Ambulance Can’t Tell You About Their Work That Will Make People Panic

Panic may not be the best descriptive term to use, but the crew must keeps these secrets quiet to preserve the idea of a “safe” ambulance.

Revealing these little industry secrets can make their passengers worried and frightened about riding in their ambulance. Spilling the beans are known to results in many uncomfortable questions for the medics and can make insignificant doubts apparent.

1. People have DIED in the ambulance stretcher your mom / dad / patient is sleeping on

Lifesaving is core to the ambulance work done by the medical team. We try our best to resuscitate and rescue no matter how bad or poor the condition. But not all lives are saved at the end of the day and those who depart from the mortal realm leave their physical being on their last resting place – the ambulance stretcher.

We have to accept it.

Though sad, the lifeless corpse will be decently transferred to the morgue upon reaching the hospital and the process rolls on accordingly for the burial or cremation. Paramedics will “wipe-down” the ambulance with alcohol solution or PRESEPT™ surface disinfectant.

After cleaning the stretcher, the ambulance cabin setup is reset and ready to transport the next patient. There in the ambulance, leaves no trace of fact that someone has passed on in the same stretcher less than an hour ago.

2. The Ambulance May Be Haunted

The souls of the departed are expected to leave, but not always. Reports of ambulance officers having strange sightings are not uncommon.

  • Flickering lights
  • Crying sounds
  • The ambulance itself shaking violently for no reason

To mitigate this, some organisations bring the vehicle for “cleansing rituals” or pray to the spirits who linger. For paramedics themselves, as they have to work in the ambulance, some choose to ignore or make friends with them.

So far, it has been said that the best way to establish harmony is to respect them and their space. To apologise for their (the paramedics’) intrusion is a first task of the work day before they begin. Then, we continue with the ambulance work required.

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