Why an Ambulance & Not a Taxi, Fresh Insight

Even if there is no emergency, there are 6 key reasons why a taxi can never replace an ambulance. You should really take an ambulance when you have to.

1. The taxi driver has his hands on the wheel

His hands are full and his eyes are on the road. With 100% attention and focus on driving, there is no way can the taxi driver help you or the passenger with stuff going on at the back. Unless you want the taxi to crash.

2. Other drivers give way to an ambulance, not taxis

We know in traffic jams, ambulances should be given priority. Drivers tend to give way and some even ramp up the curb.

But in an emergency within the taxi – there’s no clear signal to other drivers.

3. The taxi driver is not medically trained

Say if the situation in the taxi turned for the worse, the taxi driver can stop the vehicle by the curb and help out.

However, as a career driver, he doesn’t have any medical knowledge to correctly assist the patient.

If he does something, and it turns out wrong – it could make the condition worse. You may want to think twice before asking for help.

4. The taxi driver can bring more harm than good by helping

If he manages to help and by fortune of good luck, the stars line in your favour, then perfect. Otherwise, meh. His help is out of compassion and the goodness of his heart – that’s it. No expectations.

5. Cross infection and contamination

The taxi cab is not exactly a sanitary environment. Open wounds, blood or bodily fluids can come into contact with the vehicle surfaces.

Prone to infection, the patient may be more vulnerable (anyway the patient’s sick in this case, right?).

And bringing back point 2 and 3, the taxi driver may have existing illnesses which can be transmitted to the patient and helpers unknowingly.

That’s another reason why you should consider calling an ambulance right away.

6. There is no protection equipment

In an aircraft, passengers are told to place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping your child.

Similarly in medicine, it is mandatory to have clean hands and put on gloves. Gloves are unlikely available in the taxi and without proper sanitation, those helping may end up sick too.

This post was last modified on November 29, 2020 11:18 pm